May 8th 2008:

simultaneous SL-IT and IT-SL during the conference "Slovenia: trade and investment opportunities", Japti and Chamber of Commerce of Milan.

4th-5th April 2008:

Simultaneous SL-IT e IT-SL during the 8th Congress of the European Registrars: “New Partnership Relations – New Registers, European tendencies”, Portorož, Slovenia

Feb.-April 2008:

Consecutive and simultaneous SL-FR and FR-SL during the meetings the field of consumer protection, Market inspectorate of the Republic of Slovenia.

April 2006-June 2007:

Translator and intepreter (chichotage and consecutive) SL-FR and FR-SL in the context of the twinnin project between the French and Slovenian ministries of finance in the field of the public internal financial control, audit and antifraud system.

22nd-24th April 2004:

simultaneous IT-FR and FR-IT during the Coffee Expert training, illy s.p.a., Trieste, Italy.