• simultaneous: FR-IT-FR; SL-IT-SL; FR-SL-FR
  • consecutive: FR-IT-FR; SL-IT-SL; FR-SL-FR
  • chuchotage: FR-IT-FR; SL-IT-SL; FR-SL-FR
  • negotiation: FR-IT-FR; SL-IT-SL; FR-SL-FR

I am able to offer you a quality service for conferences, business meetings and any other ebent or occasion callinf for the presence of a professional interpreter.

When a simultaneous interpretation is required (namely the presence of two interpreters in a booth) I can rely on the collaboration of qualified colleagues with extensive experience in my working languages.


Translations in the following language combination (depending to the topic)FR-IT-FR; SL-IT-SL; FR-SL-FR; EN-IT/SL

During my translation and interpretation experiences as well as the trainings I have attended, I have specialized in the following sectors:
  • legal/juridical sector (contrats, sentences, acts, …);
  • financial/economic sector (balance sheets, annual reports, financial analysis…);
  • quality assurance/auditing;
  • marketing (web sites; product catalogues and depliants...);
  • technical sector (instruction manuals, technical standards, projects, ...).

All the translations in French are proofread by a native speaker.